The First Time I….(part 1)

I have compiled a collection of “firsts” in my life that I thought I would share.  These are true stories, and they may or may not have made me the person I am today.  If the story involved another person, I have only used their first name, as I think it helps paint the picture. 

Some of these are embarrassing, and some are down right idiodic. 

Here we go.

First Kiss: Nettie, 7th grade.  It was frightening.  The girl and the kiss.

First dance: – I don’t remember, but I’m sure it looked like this:

At least she didn’t grab my “keys”

And for a good reason.  Read the next one.

The first time a girl touched my pieces parts while dancing: – Carolyn, college.  We were dancing, suggestively.  She asked what was in my pocket.  I told her it was my keys.  I went home shamed and alone.

My first Beer(s): 12th grade.  I had 3 Coors Lights and lost feeling in my legs. The rest of that night is a little foggy.

I have more stories, but all in good time.  And let me know about your firsts. I want to know that I’m not alone.


7 responses

  1. […] a bit troubled by my seemingly idea-less mind lately, I decided to take some inspiration from a Five Forks blog post today. It has been a decent amount of time since I thought about some of my firsts. […]

  2. Oh boy! Gotta love awkward firsts! You are definitely not alone. Here are some of my stories. Funny stuff!

  3. First dance: 7th grade. With a boy with a broken leg. We definitely stayed in one place.

    1. The pivot. A classic move.

  4. Laughed out loud. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the note. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Just think what wonderful writing material you have now from all these awkward firsts! You had me laughing:)

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